Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What is Art?

A good friend of mine ever threw me a good question while we were entering an art exhibition...
We saw lots of artworks, from the most complicated to the simplest one.

He asked, "What is Art? And how to define a creation as an art rather than a "rubbish"?"
Well, I coudn't give my best answer at that time. I quite believed that it also depends on how you treat it. You put it in a gallery, than it looks more 'artsy'. You put it on the attic, then it could suddenly be nothing.

But after all this knowledge I gained from my study, I learn that art is EVERYWHERE.

It's not really about the place, but more about the message you bring into your artworks and how you execute it well.
Art interacts with your feeling.
It could surprise you, it makes you smile, sometimes makes you cry, or even could burn you in anger.

No matter how big or small that artwork is,
No matter where it is put, in a gallery or even on the street,
No matter wheter it is complicated or simple,
But as long as it has touched you into your very inside and inspire you to act,
Then it is ART.

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