Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"Opened Sail" - Metal Wood

Sometimes an artist needs to learn from a carpenter,
to blend in with a nature wood stuff and play with it.
This one is my Trimatra project, combining wood and metals, make such a composition for a unitive balance.
The inspiration came from the sail of a ship.
The structure of the wood that I took from the street was quite wide and nice, it helped me imagining the hidden opened sail. So with a bunch of thin wires and sort of nails, I started hammerring and composing. It took a day and a night, working with it, revealed my man powers.
Well, finally it's done!
Though it needs some more finalizing, esp. in the end parts of the wood, need to be covered more with metals,
But I'm quite happy with this exploration!
Can you hear it? My metal wood is just shouting: "The sail has opened! Lets's voyage!!!"

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