Friday, January 13, 2012

Home Sweet Home

How couldn't it be sweet if you have a white leafy tree and blue birds flying around in your bedroom.

Start sketching

Work on progressing

And keep painting

Yeaaaa and tarra!!! We finished!

So glad and satisfy...

"I do"

A special creation for the new married couple
Yopy and Elvana :D.
Am personally happy for you both. Keep loving and share the love itself. It's contagious, really. :)

"I do"
21x21 cm

Illustrated by Vina Puspita

Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Birthday Bash!

Being 24 is totally a blessing. But having lovely family, great partner and fabulous friends around, is more than anything :). Deo Gratias!

Handmade t'shirt by us, idea of Rama... Hi hi
Lovely family
Great partner
Aaaaaaa... Surprise!!
Thank you my Dears! Love you!
O.. oww!
Was surprised to the max. You did it, girls! :)))
Best thanks, bestfriends!