Friday, November 30, 2012

World Aids Day [1 December]

1 Desember - Hari Aids Sedunia.
Semoga kita semakin disadarkan bahwa setiap individu berharga dan punya kesempatan yang sama untuk berkarya :).

"Collecting The World"

"Collecting The World"
20 x 20 cm
Egg Tempera on Paper

Mix the egg yolk and water with the color pigment. I just know that kind of painting nowadays, and I'm totally amazed with the fact that tempera painting is the oldest type of painting, even had been used as the primary medium since the ancient times.

This is my first egg tempera painting and I really enjoy making it and seeing the effect of the egg's phosphor. It's shining! :D (well, it can't be seen shining here)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Life in Jogja

Dear all my wonderful friends and family :D,
guess what, it's been a month for me staying in Jogja. 
In the beginning it seemed hard to leave Jakarta also the life in it, but then I learned something, that life is going on and on. Unpredictably, it requests a progress and could be in anywhere. 

So here I am, in this nice 'lil city, doing things I always want to do, and you can't imagine how grate
ful I am. I just want to let you know that I'm doing great here, with nice people, great campus and amazing art atmosphere. Yes, it's so busy, but I love almost all the things here, it kinda meets my expectation.

The truth is, I'm missing you guys :), I really do.
And I always feel lucky having such good friends and family like you all ;*. See you soon!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pulau Sempu, Malang, Indonesia

PULAU SEMPU,terletak di Malang Selatan, Jawa Timur. Kalo ngeteng bisa beberapa kali naik angkot dari Kota Malang, menuju Pantai Sendang Biru, sekitar 3 jam'an lah. Dari Sendang Biru baru naik kapal menuju Pulau Sempu berhenti di Teluk Semut.
Weits... jangan berbangga dulu, sampai Teluk Semut bukan puncak tujuan, melainkan kita masih harus trekking untuk bisa sampai ke Segara Anakan, spot yang oye buat ngemping bermalam dengan view yang cantik. Eh, tapi juga jangan berasa hebat dulu, karena trekking yang akan dilewati ini bukan sembarang trekking. Ini namanya trekking lumpur.... jeng jeng! 
Jangan percaya sama tulisan di blog-blog orang yang bilang kl trekking ke Segara Anakan itu cuman 1.5 jam. Itu Kamuflase... lah iya, 1.5 jam memang bisa sampe buat orang-orang yang sudah handal dibidang pretrekkingan, termasuk orang-orang lokal yang hobinya bolak balik membelah pulau buat jadi guide. Tapi kalo buat orang awam, termasuk gue, alhasil butuh 5-6 jam sekali jalan. Wow banget kan? Dengan catatan, berjalan nonstop penuh lumpur tanpa 'bonus'; tanpa pakai alas kaki, karena saking berlumpurnya sendal gunung tak berfungsi, dan lagi kami datang dimusim yang masih setengah musim hujan. 
Bagaimanapun, sesampainya di Segara Anakan, dan sekembalinya Sesampai di Kota Malang, semua perjuangan itu terasa terbayar. Ya, pesan moral dari perjalanan ini, jangan menyerah. HAHA...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

“I love Your Wayang”

Written for Sahabat Anak Prumpung Newsletter, September 2010 Edition.
Proudly introducing...
Indonesia’s culture in Ukraine.

August 2010 was a very special month for me. I’m very grateful that in that month, through the AIESEC program, I had a chance to go to the Ukraine, represent Indonesia and share my culture with the local students at school. I stayed in the country for about 1,5 months, in Ternopil city precisely, living together with 16 other people (my lovely new friends from about 13 countries). It gave me tons of experiences and taught me a lot. I learned how to manage myself, be brave in facing every day challenges, how to socialize and also I learned to enrich my knowledge of Indonesia.

I still remember it clearly, when I did my preparation, about 2 weeks before I flew to Ukraine. At that time I spent almost a whole day in front of my computer, googling and browsing, trying my best to gather information about our country as much as possible. And you know what I got? A ’head-ache’. He he, not in the real meaning, but I had ’head-ache’ because all the results made me realize how vast and incredible Indonesia’s culture is! Just imagine, Indonesia has 33 provinces, and every province has their own regional tradition. Amazing! Now, it’s my turn to compile all the richness (that’s why I had ’head-ache’, he he) and re-present it in only 1 hour :P.

With my best efforts, I tried to package Indonesia’s culture, set it in presentation slides, prepare myself, especially the way to present it in English.

I think the Ukraine is a unique country. The language that the people speak is Ukrainian language, almost similar to Russian. The alphabet has 33 letters. For me personally, the language was my biggest problem while I was there. There are only a few people who are able to speak English, even people in public services couldn’t speak English that much. This is caused by the education system in the Ukraine, as the school doesn’t obligate the students to learn English language. Instead they can choose, either to learn English, or German, or French. That’s why not all of the students could speak English. Thankfully most of the students in my class could speak English.

My foreign friends and I presented our countries’ cultures to the students. Every country has their own history and their own uniqueness. It was my pleasure to hear their presentations and stories, and to see their recognition of their country and their appreciation of other countries.

One day, it came to my turn to present Indonesia’s culture. A very challenging opportunity. I started talking about Indonesia’s history, the independence, the symbols of our country, the culture, and also the tourist places in Indonesia. I tried to demonstrate the Wayang puppet show to the children, and they were quite impressed with the Wayang. Then I showed them the traditional bamboo instrument from West Java, called Angklung. I asked some children to play with the Angklung, and it was awesome! They were really excited!

Dear friends, please allow me to share you some new lessons that I learned for my life through my experiences in the Ukraine.
First of all, I realized more and more, how important the English language is, as it is an international language. With the ability to speak English, we can communicate to the world. We should be grateful, because we ’must’ learn English at school. Use it as an opportunity to know English and improve the knowledge and language skills, and try to use it practically. My concept is, if I want to communicate in English, I don’t take it too seriously, but take it easy. If the function is to communicate, as long as you understand me – and I understand you, it should be okay. He he.

Secondly, I’m amazed once more with the richness of our culture! We think it is ordinary, but the world sees it as extraordinary. One of the best students in my class, who is also my best friend, came to me the next day after my presentation. He greeted me and said to me enthusiastically, “Vina, yesterday I searched the Wayang Puppet show in You Tube and I watched it! It is so amazing!!! I love your Wayang!!!”. Wow, I was so happy and proud as well to hear that. So, let us give more appreciation to our culture!

Thirdly, don’t be afraid to have a dream. Friends, this has been my dream since I was in High School, which was about 7 years ago. When I was in high school, I dreamt of going abroad, I wanted to experience life in other country, meet people from all over the world, and see the world. The fact is, my dream didn’t come true at that time. I needed to make a big effort with my prayers to reach that dream. But when we keep the dream alive, always try our best and be patient, an opportunity will open for us. The most important thing is: don’t be afraid to try. I thank God so much that my 7-year-long dream, finally could come true. So friends, keep your dream alive! Because you’ll make it someday.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sleep like a boss.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Kadang-kadang perlu juga tidak memedulikan kata orang lain.
Karena pada dasarnya semua pendapat hidup dengan persepsinya sendiri, masalahnya, tidak semua orang lain paham akan kebenaran yang ada dan dirasa, jadi bicara seenaknya menurut mata.
Malas juga kalau harus bicara jelaskan semua, hal yang mugkin tak bisa terkata. Percuma.
Sebaiknya memilih diam dan matikan rasa.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The owner has been found

After 3 years waiting since I bought it in Spain, the "Thanks" gold medal finally found its owner.

Onetime in a shop in Costabrava, Spain, I saw this cute thing and I can't help not to buy it. I just knew that someday I will give this medal to someone really I thank to. 

And now, I really know who deserve it. It's you! :)
Thank you, my dear. Tons of thanks...
Let's love...
Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Home Sweet Home

How couldn't it be sweet if you have a white leafy tree and blue birds flying around in your bedroom.

Start sketching

Work on progressing

And keep painting

Yeaaaa and tarra!!! We finished!

So glad and satisfy...

"I do"

A special creation for the new married couple
Yopy and Elvana :D.
Am personally happy for you both. Keep loving and share the love itself. It's contagious, really. :)

"I do"
21x21 cm

Illustrated by Vina Puspita

Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Birthday Bash!

Being 24 is totally a blessing. But having lovely family, great partner and fabulous friends around, is more than anything :). Deo Gratias!

Handmade t'shirt by us, idea of Rama... Hi hi
Lovely family
Great partner
Aaaaaaa... Surprise!!
Thank you my Dears! Love you!
O.. oww!
Was surprised to the max. You did it, girls! :)))
Best thanks, bestfriends!