Sunday, December 25, 2011

Unbelievably Mount Gede

It was my first time hiking a mountain to the top, so was for Berna and Marlon the Filipinos. Lucky we had Rama and Simsim who're the expertise so I felt confident enough to do that. I knew it wouldn't be easy to hike reaching the top, but I didn't really matter it. And you know what, the fact is, it is. It's not easy at all. Hahahahaa! Even for the first 30 minutes walking I had a doubt in my mind already, "could I make it to the top?". Yea, because we needed 8 hours more to walk, hosh. It seemed impossible for me... But since we've started walking, we committed to ourself to finish what we've begun. Slow but sure, 10 hours passed and finally we were on the top.

It was a special moment for Rama as well, celebrating his graduation at the peak of Gede mountain! yeeaaaaaaa!!!! We all are so happy for him! :D I couldn't tell how satisfy we were, pushing our limit and proving that we were able.

Gosh, Just unbelievable...

Took a rest for the first time

The way we strived. I live this part most. Eating.

Our dopping!
The peak, Mount Gede. Gosh... Finally...
The graduated man. Congratulation Rama Adi Putra S.Psi
Enjoying the peak
Then facing the truth that we had to go down. O, Lord...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Keep shining, yet inspiring :).

Watercolor on paper.


Girasole is one of the very famous sunflower fields in the world. Located in Italy. Am Longing to be there someday! Yeaaaa!