Monday, January 3, 2011

Year End 2010 at Ciputih Beach

Ciputih Beach is located in Ujung Kulon. Really, it's a super beautiful beach, clean as well. Such a tranquil spot, far away from the city life.

We celebrated new year 2011 there, yiayy! :D
The resort (Ciputih Beach Resort) was very affordable, about 350k - 450k per night, which could fit 4 people in :D, and the facilities are really good :).
But oh, the road to get there was the 'lil problem, it was not well-maintained, holes and bad road kept our car moving slowly.

But anyway, the beauty of the destination could replace all of the obstacles on its way :).

Route to Ciputih Beach Resort:
Jakarta - Serang - Pandeglang - Panimbang - Sumur - Ciputih Beach, To Ciputih Beach Resort the distance can be reached at about 6 hours one way from Jakarta, about 350km.

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