Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Wondrous Palangkaraya

Palangkaraya is special for me. Containing a very beautiful warm nature with nice local people.

Caught a morning flight, arrived in Palangkaraya, started the journey to Bukit Doa Karmel Tangkiling, then Taman Alam. Visiting Tahai Lake in Tangkiling was also exciting. The water's color is red, because of the peat land, that's so unique anyway. In the afternoon we went down the Rungan River to see the habitat of Orang Utan.

Many places to visit and to explore.
The morning market, the city park, BOS (orang utan conservation), trace the Kahayan River, visit Kumkum - a small zoo in Pahandut Seberang and take pictures in Palangkaraya statue.
So many places, so little time :P.

But one moment I can't forget was the barbeque night in Babugus (east part of Palangkaraya) with our local friend and his family, staying in their hut in the edge of the forest, playing a silly games and sharing stories. The next morning, we swam in Mangkutup River, not far from the hut. It is a natural river with the red water, cool... super cool!

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