Friday, July 22, 2011

A Way to Love Your Country

I was interviewed.

Oh, no no no... not for finding a job in a company, but to find a chance to explore Indonesia for free, he he.

Yep, It was a program from detikcom, called ACI (Aku Cinta Indonesia). The concept is they select 60 people (from hundred thousands registrants) to be divided into 20 teams and each team will explore a place/ province in Indonesia then write their travel journal to be shared to public and let them know that Indonesia is very beautiful and unique and is deserved to be loved. Very nice concept.

Today I attended the interview session, part of filtering from 750 chosen candidates into 60 only. A very tight selection. Anyway, I thank God for this opportunity, hopefully I get in :).

I'm personally happy to meet those new people with the mostly same vision, in loving Indonesia. Also delighting to see some names in the list that I know quite well. And yeah, so fun hat I met my friend again in this interview session, Babeh Faizal, the good friend of mine that I first met in my trip to Kiluan-Lampung last April, but he's getting crazier now. Hahaha...

But Friends, really, do traveling domestically, however it gives the same pride as you travel abroad. Enjoy our nature, get to know our culture, be friend with our people. Indeed, it's a way to love our country, Indonesia :).

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