Friday, July 15, 2011

Mocca Last Show

Mocca, a local indie band from Bandung, Indonesia. Had reached the year 12 of their existence and about to break up for a good reason. The vocalist is getting married a Lucky Man and leaving Indonesia. Therefore as a memory, they held a last concert in Jakarta, to recall The Best Thing happened in the last 12 years. I personally respect all their decision, no matter what, I Love You Anyway.

I Remember, from the first time I listened their song, I Think I'm in Love with them, and soon I became their Secret Admirer.

Last year when I was in Kiev, Ukraine, on a Sunday Afternoon, I was hanging out with some foreign friends, some were from China. While we were keep talking and laughing, a cell phone was ringing, and it was my Chinese friend's phone which was ringing. and Oh No, You know what the ringtone was? It was "I Remember" from Mocca.
I was so surprise, yet proud. And finally the topic was moving to Mocca and later on all our friends turning on their bluetooth, asking for Mocca's song, he he. very nice...

PS: words in italics are the song titles of Mocca.

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