Friday, July 22, 2011

A Way to Love Your Country

I was interviewed.

Oh, no no no... not for finding a job in a company, but to find a chance to explore Indonesia for free, he he.

Yep, It was a program from detikcom, called ACI (Aku Cinta Indonesia). The concept is they select 60 people (from hundred thousands registrants) to be divided into 20 teams and each team will explore a place/ province in Indonesia then write their travel journal to be shared to public and let them know that Indonesia is very beautiful and unique and is deserved to be loved. Very nice concept.

Today I attended the interview session, part of filtering from 750 chosen candidates into 60 only. A very tight selection. Anyway, I thank God for this opportunity, hopefully I get in :).

I'm personally happy to meet those new people with the mostly same vision, in loving Indonesia. Also delighting to see some names in the list that I know quite well. And yeah, so fun hat I met my friend again in this interview session, Babeh Faizal, the good friend of mine that I first met in my trip to Kiluan-Lampung last April, but he's getting crazier now. Hahaha...

But Friends, really, do traveling domestically, however it gives the same pride as you travel abroad. Enjoy our nature, get to know our culture, be friend with our people. Indeed, it's a way to love our country, Indonesia :).

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Than Just Medals

Tonight was just so special and was inspiring me. Invited by a friend to attend Kick Andy live talk show in Metro TV for taping.

The guests were special too, the special-needs athletes who just returned from Athens. They took part in the Special Olympics World Summer Games 2011 and came back with 15 gold; 13 silver; 11 bronze medals for Indonesia. Cool.

In spite of their disabilities, they still contribute for the nation. See? How couldn't I be inspired...

Illustrated by: Vina Puspita

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Living a Mission

What's my mission? What's yours?
I've not realized my purpose of live yet until I understood that life is a mission.

We don't live for no reason,
We live for a mission.

Illustrated by: Vina Puspita

Friday, July 15, 2011

Mocca Last Show

Mocca, a local indie band from Bandung, Indonesia. Had reached the year 12 of their existence and about to break up for a good reason. The vocalist is getting married a Lucky Man and leaving Indonesia. Therefore as a memory, they held a last concert in Jakarta, to recall The Best Thing happened in the last 12 years. I personally respect all their decision, no matter what, I Love You Anyway.

I Remember, from the first time I listened their song, I Think I'm in Love with them, and soon I became their Secret Admirer.

Last year when I was in Kiev, Ukraine, on a Sunday Afternoon, I was hanging out with some foreign friends, some were from China. While we were keep talking and laughing, a cell phone was ringing, and it was my Chinese friend's phone which was ringing. and Oh No, You know what the ringtone was? It was "I Remember" from Mocca.
I was so surprise, yet proud. And finally the topic was moving to Mocca and later on all our friends turning on their bluetooth, asking for Mocca's song, he he. very nice...

PS: words in italics are the song titles of Mocca.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sahabat Anak Jamboree 2011

1100 street and marginalized children.
600 volunteers.
2 days 1 night.
Being friends, play and happy.

Yeah, Sahabat Anak Jamboree! the annual event of Sahabat Anak just had held in Jakarta! With the highest quota of participants along the record of SA Jamboree, we had such days! The theme itself was PLAYING, so those 2 days were full of games and fun activities; Amazing race in Ragunan zoo, fun concert night, and a whole playing day!

The main point that we wanna share to public is, that every child has right to play, including the street kids and marginalized children. The living in the street and the pressure to earn living at their age sometimes force them to forget about their right to enjoy their childhood.

Hopefully, this jamboree (that they've been always longing for each year) could become such a break for them from their daily life, and enjoyed the togetherness with all friends including the volunteers.

Me as the part of the crew was so happy to help in this event, yet feel as free as a child whenever I captured smile on their face.

Photos by: Jehezkiel Hutapea

Monday, July 11, 2011