Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Unforgettable Bunaken

This trip at Bunaken was unbelievably unforgettable.

Despite of all those fuckin' AMAZING corals (which are obvious), we met lots of nice people and having such a wonderful time.

Started with a coincidentally matching schedule and kindness from uncle Budi who let us join him to Bunaken with his diving team from Manado. Yep, all those friendly divers, who now become our good friends.

And oh, also we got chance to try diving intro, which was so exciting, ho ho...

Then at the Bunaken Island, we were so welcome by Lorenso, the owner of the Lorenso cottage. Lorenso, a very nice humble guy, who now becomes our good friend as well.

It's so nice to visit a beautiful place. But it would be even nicer to realize that you're going with right person, and meeting the right people. All those captured moments, were practically unforgettable :).

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