Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Precious Beauty

Oh Lord... it's so beautiful down here.
You're amazing, this is amazing.
I've never seen a beauty like this...

The color of the water is turquoise...
Oh, look! thousands of cute fish!!! Gosh!
Ah, these corals are in blue, green, and yellow color... wonderful.
Hey! I find Nemo!
This Clownfish is pretty big, yet still cute with it's stripes.

Woow... everywhere is full of sea flowers, tons of fish and colorful corals. I really feel like in the middle of a garden.
No wonder this place is called Sea Garden.

Yes, this is Bunaken Sea Garden.
Yes, this is Indonesia.
And yes, I'm the proud one :).


  1. wah keren banget ci vina ! dulu aku ke sana pas masih kecil udah lupaa hehe

  2. haahhahha... iya Jamaes! Bunaken keren! bangga ya! ahahaha.. yasuda, kesana lagi ajaa :)))