Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mood VS Deadline :))))

I was in a deadline, lots of work to be done before I flew to Manado, North Celebes, in the next morning.

But my eyes were just wandering, seeing the sunflower picture on my desk, then a bucket of sunflower, then a word "Girasole" on a sticker label stuck on my wall, it's a sunflower field in Italy, very famous one, and it's my dream to get there as well.

I was just realize (more), how interesting sunflower is... It's so attractive, bright, cheerful and full of spirit!

My eyes kept wandering, till it stopped on a white spot area, left on my wall, precisely above the sketch of buildings in Amsterdam. Then suddenly I took my cousin's crayon, went up to the table and reached the wall, drawing a big sunflower on the wall, and it was going very well and full of good mood! Oh dear, it felt so great! When you got the mood to create, for me it's so precious, more than your deadline. Ha ha, doesn't mean I put aside my responsibility, sure I'll finish it.

But really...
Even in the midst of a deadline, the sudden mood to create things must be prioritized.
That's my belief :).

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