Friday, February 25, 2011

Yes! I have my own workshop!

This is part of my resolution (and dream) in 2011, having my own workshop!!!

Wippie :D
since I'm off from office life, means, I work at home and everywhere, and in the same time I'm working on my books project (The Book Is Yours), then I really need my own space to think, to work on my design projects and to produce my book :).

So, this is how the story goes...
My brother and his wife are having a baby, the boy was just born on 10th of February (He's so cute anyway :D), then they said that they will move to our other house in Cibubur, because it's closer with the working place of my brother. Therefore, one room is left in our house now, and I said to my parents, "Can I sleep in my brother's room, and remake my own room becoming a workshop???"
"Sure!" They said... Cool!

So, last week I started taking out-taking in things for my room. My daddy helped me too, and the wonderful things, While doing all the moving, I got a mail from my best friend in Taiwan, his name is Harry, a guy I met while I was doing my project in Ukraine. He sent me a valentine card and message, and Chinese New Year greetings, and you know what, he gave me a coin of Taiwan dollar in a red envelope (as a tradition of giving money in Chinese New Year)! HAHAHA..

After a whole day re-making my workshop, it's finally done!!! Wippie!!!
Now I'm ready to work more diligently! :P

BEFORE: my bedroom.

Dad's help.

A Surprising mail from Harry!! Love it! :D.

AFTER: my workshop. Tarraaaa!!!!! :D

Library corner.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Only because it's Valentine's day :P

"You and I", 2010
50 x 50 cm
Oil on canvas