Friday, January 7, 2011


I thank Lord for this age. 23. such a blessing. such a number. you know, feels like in the middle, between 20 and 25. not a teenager anymore, but not old yet, he he. In one point, I just feel that I have to be more responsible for my life, not to waste my time, make wise choices, and start to be more serious about it. But in the other point, that number reminds me more that I shouldn't let any single days go without smiles, joy and happiness. I want smile more, laugh more, love more, dance more and be grateful even more!!! ;D

And oh, from the deepest of my heart, I thank all my great friends, for all those beautiful wishes for me and for TBIY, for the surprise and for your love. I'm the luckiest person on earth having wonderful friends like you all.
I know God read this note and He will bless you back abundantly ;). Berpelukaaannnnn!!!!!! :D

Monday, January 3, 2011

Year End 2010 at Ciputih Beach

Ciputih Beach is located in Ujung Kulon. Really, it's a super beautiful beach, clean as well. Such a tranquil spot, far away from the city life.

We celebrated new year 2011 there, yiayy! :D
The resort (Ciputih Beach Resort) was very affordable, about 350k - 450k per night, which could fit 4 people in :D, and the facilities are really good :).
But oh, the road to get there was the 'lil problem, it was not well-maintained, holes and bad road kept our car moving slowly.

But anyway, the beauty of the destination could replace all of the obstacles on its way :).

Route to Ciputih Beach Resort:
Jakarta - Serang - Pandeglang - Panimbang - Sumur - Ciputih Beach, To Ciputih Beach Resort the distance can be reached at about 6 hours one way from Jakarta, about 350km.