Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Merry Merry!!! ;D

Limited Christmas postcard series.
Tittle: Nice Try

Limited Christmas postcard series.
Tittle: Cheer Up

Limited Christmas postcard series.
Tittle: Why Not

Friday, December 10, 2010

A Marriage.

Listening to the love stories from people around me, about the ups and downs of a relationship, and attending some weddings of my friends, open my point of view about a marriage.

I travelled and met lots of people from many different countries. for me it's a blessing so I can broaden my mind, we can share knowledge and experience and in the same time I could know their point of view in seeing things, emm.. such as marriage for example.

I've ever met a french girl in my trip, she became a good friend of mine, and when we talk about relationship, she said that quite most of young people in her country, don't see a marriage as an important thing. "People doesn't need to get married," she said.

It's not weird at all. I also met some other European even Asian people, who don't want to get married.
Of course, with all humility, I do appreciate them with their decision and opinion :).

But personally, I ALWAYS proud of a married couple.
For me, to reach this stage is such a great achievement.
Why do I call it "achievement"?
Because they're succeed to defeat all their doubts and fears.
They're brave enough to put aside their ego; to halve their heart and share it to one another.

Because they have a faith and hope.
Committed to always love, join hands and step forward, whatever they will face.

For me, marriage is a wonderful blessing.
I want it too one day :).

Illustrated by Vina Puspita

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Simsim Goes to India

One of my best friend, Simsim, was about to go backpacking to India, I knew it would be so exciting for her since India is her 'dream' country to visit.

A week before she went to India, she asked me whether I can draw an illustration for her or not. She had the concept already :D, the cloth (sari), the belly and the backpack. Ha ha, cool!
Of course I was interested to make it for her. So here it is :).

(And oh, the story of her trip in India was totally... incredible :). Lots of struggles that must be passed, in case of food, living, society, and belief. wooffh....
Hence there's a saying, a real traveler would've checked "India" in their list.)

Emhh... I've never been there.
But if you ask me whether I have the guts to go there or not, emhh... maybe I'd rather choose not to be a real traveler.. yet. ha ha.

Illustrated by Vina Puspita

"Wayang" - the Indonesian Puppet

This is the watercolor painting of "Wayang"-Indonesian Puppet.
Was made while I was in Ternopil, Ukraine (August-Sept 2010).
Especially made for my Ukrainian-artist-friend, Lyuda. He he.

Around the World!!!

was invited to paint at Kepompong PreSchool, in Kemang.
That day was Kepompong Art Fair, it was very nice! :D

The theme of the artwork: Around the World!!! (Oh... my dream...)