Thursday, March 25, 2010

3300BATH! - Krabi Day 2

Yiay! Today is our island tour with JC Tour!

So, for breakfast, I ate popmie and grank hot chocolate, pretty full enough to start the day.

At 08.30 am, the JC Tour (driver named: Yi) picked us up at the hostel with the opened-blue car and drove us to the beach as the stating point. I just then understood thet we traveled to those islands together with many people from another island tour as well, so it's not just only JC.

We were in the speed boat no. 5 Ao Nang rchid Bungalow, with Daon as our guide. She's a very nice, talkactive & friendly woman, though she's so masculin as well, he he, but she's got a big concern with the passangers, which is good!

Started from Ao Nang Beach, first our destination is Maya Island, but we passed through some other islands on the way. We passed Phi-Phi Ley. It's an island, which has a cave filled with tons of bird nest that's worth expensively (Daon said, it's sold about 10.000 BATH/ kg). The cave is named Viking Cave, but it's forbidden to be entered. Not far from the bird nest, still in Phi Phi Ley area, there's a lagoon area, surrounded by islands, called Pileh Bay. Very beautiful... really. But we just stayed in the speed boat because we're about to go behind those islands to snorkel. In another side of those islands, in Lohsamah Bay, we snorkeled! We were borrowed the snorkels by Daon. Nice! Lots of small fishes and we fed them our rice from yesterday, then te fishes came closer to us! Hohooo.

After 45 minutes snorkeling, we're brought to Maya Island / Maya bay. So, I just knew the fact that “The Beach” film shooting was not in Phi Phi Don or Ley, but here, in Maya Bay. It increases my curiousity to watch thet film, he he. Oh ya, also the fact that in Maya Island, there's no waterfall or even shark as appeared in “The Beach” film. That's just fake, ha ha.

Next, before we had lunch at 12.00 am, they took us to Monkey Island, but unfortunately there's no monkey seen on the beach, they're just hiding. So we continued leaving the Monkey Island and went toward Phi Phi Don (Island) to have a buffet lunch. Hmm... pretty good and clean for sure, but it's very hot, indeed!

Phi Phi Don is a big island, and there're also many resorts to stay. Anyway, we ate a lot since we're absolutely hungry, and we're totally full, then ready for the next destination. Disi said, “Oh ho... This is our best eating proram afterall!!” ha ha ha. I couldn't more than agree.

We were now in Hin Klarng, an open sea & we're allowed to snorkel for the second time! :D. This time, the coral was more beautiful than in Lohsamah Bay & the fishes are more variable.

Last place, we visited Bamboo Island. There were lots of bamboo before, but during the time, the fisherman came and cut it for fishing etc, so now there's no more bamboo, but pine trees, he he.

We also could snorkel, but I'd rather just lay down on the beach :P.

Finally, we were brought to the last place to be transferred back to our hostel. Woohoooo! What a great day :D!

Tonight, I walked with Yanti along the road, she wanted to make a call, calling her daughter & her mom, so she went to “overseas call service” (cost: 14THB. minute, to handphone in JKT), and I, I stopped by at a mini market buying postcard (cost: 5THB/ piece; stamp: 1THB) & I asked the madam how to send it to my country, Indonesia, and she kindly showed me the way, just drop it in any post boxes placed along the street. Yap, that's my habbit when I traveled abroad. I love to send postcards, especially to my family at home. Even the postcards arrived later than me, ha ha, it just feels funny when I look at it and read it again when I am home already, then collect it.

Me & Yanti continued walking along the street. We tried Thailand pancake with banana, wuiiihhhhh..... lekker! Erg! :D. It's only 20THB. Oh ya, when Yanti made verseas call, we asked about the Phi Phi tour price. So, the fact is... it's cheaper buying the tour when you're in Krabi than buy it online. Example, the Phi Phi price she offered: 1800THB for normal price, but now there's 50% discount, so it'll be just 900THB. Me, I bought the tour via online, cost 1700THB. But That's okay, now we know, right?

About the dinner, once again we kept tight on budget. I bought steamed rice in a restaurant, 30THB/ pax. Ate it in the hostel with some additional food.

Now I'm pretty tired, so happy as well :D. I'm going off to bed, tot later! :)



21 THB -> Post Card & stamp

10 THB -> Pancake sharing with Yanti

30 THB -> Rice


61 THB

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