Friday, March 26, 2010

3300BATH! - Krabi Day 3

Today is our last night in Krabi, a leisure day as well :D!
So, this morning I woke up at 8, then took a bath, Eating pop mie & drank hot tea. At 9 am, I went to the beach and painted a picture at the beach with watercolor & the sea as the view. It was going pretty well, I got the mood. Siska & Disi came joining me, Siska was just laying on the beach while DC was swimming.

Funny thing, when I was painting, there's a local man asking for my drawing, he thought that I'm a local too so he spoke Thai which I didn't understand, then he realized that I'm a tourist, he he. He bargained my painting but unfortunately we didn't meet in suitable price, otherwise I wanted to collect it as well :).

About at 12 am (after 2 hours painting), I went back to the hostel, but first I bought steamed rice in a waroong for my lunch, it cost 15THB. Since I'm a budget traveler, I like to maintain a thick-face, not to be shy anyway, ha ha.

In the afternoon, we all went out to money changer. I changed $10, and got 320THB. Then 3 of us (Yanti, Mei & Siska) decided togo to Krabi Town to shop more souvenirs, but me & Disi chose to stay in Ao Nang, we don't like shopping :). We walked along the Ao nang Beach and reached Nopharra Tarra Beach. It's also a famous beach. hemm... quite far by walking, about 45 minutes (5KM) by foot.

Arrived ath the beach, we lay down discussed about certain things and that's good :). Oh ya, about the beach, I didn't feel that amazed, because it's not so clean, but yeah, it's more quiet and calm. I saw more local people than tourists.

At 06.30 pm we walked back to our hostel, but woww!!! It's so windy & was about to be raining! And yeah, it's raining afterwards. Me and Disi looked a place to shelter and there's a seafood restaurant, ten we went in eating there.

After we're full and the rain had stopped, we continued walking. When we're already arrived in Ao Nang street, there's a funny story, yet emotional. So I stopped by a shopping counter selling necklace and bracelet. With no serious purpose to buy, I asked the man (the seller), “ how much is it?”. He gave a price, then I said, “Okay, thanks”. Then I was about to leave, but you know what, he grabbed his calculator and asked me in his limited english language, “How much you can?”
Then I answered, “Later I come back, thanks”. He said back insistly, “No, you buy now! How much you can?!”
“What?!!! No, I said I'll come back later!” Huff, sorry, I was getting anger with that man. Then I left him behind.
At the end, he said some words in Thai, and I replied back in Indonesian, ha ha ha, fair enough, okay??!

At 08.00 pm we arrived at the hostel, then Yanti, Siska & Mei came after us arrived. At 09.00 pm, we walked again to the beach & shopped. But some restaurants, I didn't know why, was closed tonight, ad tonight was not as crowd as yesterday though this is Friday.

Owkay, enjoy the last night! See you Tomorrow :D!

15 THB -> Rice
16 THB -> Drink
90 THB -> Eat seafood
120 THB -> Taxi
241 THB

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