Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3300BATH! - Krabi Day 1

Huaaa,, this is the first day of our backpacking adventure in Krabi!! I'm so glad that after such a rush deadline, finally I ended up here in Aonang, with Disi, Siska, Mei-Mei and Mbak Yanti! :D

So this is how we started...

At 5.10 am in the morning, we arrived at CGK, and the procedures began...
1. in Gate D2, did the first Screening
2. Check in at counter 31, put some luggage, got the boarding pass and immigration form
3. Proceeded our free fiscal by bringing & showing our NPWP
4. Went into immigration area, passport's checked, fiscal's checked, immigration form's checked
5. (Time's keeping tight, we're in a rush)
Ran through the corridor to find gate F6, once again, passed the second screening. This time, the screening was tighter than the first one. No liquid more the limit, no dangerous stuff, etc
6. and finally we went inside the plane, sit and put on our seatbelt relievedly (that we're in the plane already)

About 6.30 am, the plane departed. It took about 1, hours to get Malaysia, and the time in Malaysia in one o'clock faster than Jakarta Time. So, we arrived in Kuala Lumpur LCCT Airport at 9.15 am, time in Malaysia/ 8.15 am Indonesia time, then we should wait in LCCT until our departure to Krabi at 13.30. Because LCCT is not a huge airport, we couldn't go that far, so, mostly we spent the midday sitting in "Taste of Asia" Resto, went to the bookstore & walked around.

Two funny things happened in LCCT:
1. When arrived in KL, we were hungry & decided to eat. But since we're budget traveler, yeah, backpacker, we made a trick to spend as few money as possible :P. Disi brought a tup of tempe orek, so in the restaurant, me, Disi & Siska just bought 3 steamed rice and 2 bottle of mineral water. You know what, the cashier was 'lil bit confuse with our order and just gave a meaningful smile, which we didn't care, haha. We just concerned that our trick was successful! I just had to pay 3.6 RM for my own to make my stomach full. ha ha.

2. The second funny thing, I met a man in a bookstore. He greeted me when I looked at book, and he recommended that book to me. After such a while talking and talking, we introduced ourself to each other, and we just knew that we're came from the same country anyway. He's Indonesian as well, ahahahahaaa... His name is Budi, studying for his master in KL. Yeah, a new friend on the way traveling :).

At 13.30, we flew from KL to Krabi-Thailand. Thailand has the same time with Indonesia. It took about 1 hour to get there (from KL), so we arrived at 13.35 (Krabi time). Yiaayyyyyy!!!! So glad to be here!!!

I've never been to Krabi & always excited to visit this place! But the other thing made me happier was, JC tour team picked us up at the airport. We found a man with "Vina Puspita" name on the board. Ho ho... He drove us to the hostel. His name is Baow. Pretty kind person, he told us much about Krabi :).

About 45 minutes from the airport, finally we arrived in our hostel, Anang Grand Inn Hostel. We checked in & paid the room, so did we with JC Tour. We paid the Phi-Phi tour for 1700THB/person & tomorrrow the driver will pick us up from the hostel and take us to some islands.

Oke, about the hostel. We had... emm... not a 'problem', but a 'bargain'. The background is: 3 of our friends who already booked the hostel room together with us, unfortunately had to cancel their trip to Krabi. So the thing is, we had too much room space for only five of us! And the room fee was charged higher for each of us. Bravely, we asked the hostel owner for a bargain, if we could use one room only and reduced our room fee. After such a negotiation, the owner decided to give us reduction fee, so at the end we paid as much as we should paid before (1070 THB/ person - 3 nights - type: triple room). But, for me personally, I'm satisfied with the room. It's pretty large, with toilet inside, AC, refrigerator, hot water & clean as well. Frankly to say, It's indeed more than I expected :).

Next, we walked to the beach, about 1 km from our hostel. Along the street, there're lots of cafes & restaurants, shops & pretty crowd (but not as crowd as Phuket). Arrived at the beach, me Disi & Siska walked along the beach. Yes, many foreigners were sunbathing & we kept walking reached the end of the coast, there's like hills. Oh my, near the hills, there're many cute monkeys playing! So cute!

Next, we stayed watching the sunset and then walking back to the first place I separated from Yanti & Mei Mei.
After I met Yanti & Mei, we continued walking at the pavement, through the street & still lots of restaurants and shops.

Finally we decided to eat in Aining Restaurant, a modern Thai Restaurant. We ordered pizza shared together, quite big and delicious, I can say! The pizza cost 180THB, each person paid 36THB only. Then we took steamed rice away @24THB and as before, ate at our hostel, poured with the tempe orek from Disi added with potato chips from Siska. Huummm.... lekker hoor!!

And now, I'm getting tired and sleepy. Today is a good day to start, new experience & new exploration of my life, enjoy it so much! Tons of joyfulness!

Thanks Lord for Your guidance & kindness, Your care & protection.
You're the best!

1.700 THB -> JC Tour
1.070 THB -> Aonang Grand Inn Hostel
36 THB -> Pizza
24 THB -> Rice
25 THB -> Pulpy Orange
5 THB -> Mineral Water
15 THB -> Bread
2.875 THB + 3.6 RM (rice at LCCT Airport)

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