Sunday, March 28, 2010

140RM! - Malaysia Day 2

First of all, today is Sunday and it's Passion Sunday (Palm) in Christian. So, for me it's a special day anyway. So, my first goal to reach while I'm in KL on Sunday, is to find a Catholic church and join de Palm Sunday mass. It's uncommon thing for me.

I set the alarm in my handphone at 05.30 am and I woke up right at that time, took a bath, then at 06.00 am walked to the monorail. Yanti helped me to find information about church in KL by asking her KL friends, it's so kind of her, though she's a moslem, she tried best to find me any church information :). Appreciate it so much :).

Finally, I got one name of the nearest church, it's St. John's Cathedral, located in Bukit Nanas, only 2 stations from Bukit Bintang. So, I postponed my breakfast, hope that I didn't miss the mass (because I didn't get any information about the mass schedule) & I presumed that the schedule is not so different with the mass schedule in Jakarta (5.30, 7.00 & 9.00 in the morning), so I planned to be there before 7.

I bought the monorail ticket to Bukit Nanas station, coat 1.30RM & came up the stairs to wait the monorail. Then you know what??! I saw a clock & it showed 07.10 am and of course I was pretty shock! Oh my Lord! I forgot!!! I forgot that Malaysia is 1 hour faster than Jakarta!! Hufff... I said to myself, “Oke then, just go! No problem if the mass is already half way held.” So I continued my mission within prayers, hope to be able to find the church easily :).

At 07.20 I arrived in Bukit nanas. I'm not familiar with the place and have no idea where the St. John's Cathedral was. And FYI, the street was so still, there's no life at all, he he, maybe because it's Sunday, and it's morning. perfect.

I took a wrong way until I met a man who pointed me the right way. But he said it's sooo far, about 25 minutes walking. Humm... okay, I'm ready. So I walked, walked, walked unpredictably, seeing not event any single cross sign, he he. I prayed in my heart, I said, “God, would you please lead me Your way, bring me to Your church to attend Your mass. Amen.”

I kept walking with eyes searching the church. I found nothing (and no one) along the street. After about 30 minutes walking, I found a man and asked hin the Saint John's location. And yeah!!! he knew the place!!! Just right near the place where I asked him, he showed me a small street, he told me to walked inside & went up the stairs & there's the location of the church. I followed his guide and tarraaaa!!!! I got there!!! And the miracle was... the mass were about to begin in the next 5 minutes, exactly at 8 o'clock. Oh, dear Lord, You're amazing.

I followed the mass within deep gratefulness. I was so happy to attend the Passion Sunday in a church in KL, in St. John's Cathedral. They used English.

About 10.00 am, the mass was finished. the next thing came up in my mind. Wow, should I go back that far to the monorail station like the way I came here before??? Ha ha... but honestly, as human, sometimes we worry too much about those small stuffs which actually not necessary, because God helps us in every single things, even in every single details. God taught me about His love, care and companion through day after day, time after time, as He just did to me this morning.

After the church, I searched for the way back to the hostel & I found that I could take Rapid KL in Masjid Jamek, and changed to monorail in Hang Tuah. But befote I took the Rapid KL, I visited Masjid India first.

At 11.00 am I arrived safely in the hostel, Bukit Bintang (thanks dear Lord! :D), and Azian, our Malaysian friend would soon pick us up at the hostel and took us for lunch at her house and also visit Putrajaya. Ah ya, anyway, I decided to join Azian, and not to Batu Caves, because I thought that meeting friends is more important than visiting a touristic place. I could visit Batu Caves any other time :).

Then Azian and her husband took us. So happy to meet them! :D
We stopped by in Pasar Seni/ Central Market for shopping souvenirs, then went to their house in Syah Alam, Selangor. It took about 35 minutes. We arrived at their beautiful house and had lunch together, heemmm...... delicious food that she made and her sister, Azura, as well. They are so talented in cooking! Teach me please!!! Ha ha ha. We had lunch with Azian's family, and our friend, Lany.

At 02.00 pm, Azian drove us to Blue Mosque/ Masjid Biru, the second largest mosque in the world. Yeah! Beautiful mousque!!! :D

Then, She took 5 of us to Putrajaya, about 20 minutes from Syah Alam. Putrajaya is the government area, the buildings are so modern! A different part of Malaysia, I could say.

We enjoy the sunset, then at 05.30 pm Azian drove us to the LCCT Airport. That's a great experience, yet unforgetable!!! So happy to meet friends in Malaysia. Another precious traveling story, right? :)

At The end, BIG THANKS to my Dear God, for all the blessing and the happiness, the joy that You brought in, the satisfaction and guidance :D.

1.30RM -> Monorail
3 RM -> Palm
1.30RM -> Rapid KL
1.30RM -> Monorail
16RM -> Souvenirs at Central Market (key chain 8RM x 2)
23.80RM -> Chocolate
20RM -> Shoes
7.30RM -> Marry Brown Burger


  1. haha i thought this is the trip that i met u.. :) actually it was the previous one..

  2. hahahaa... soon I'll publish my story when I met you, Ash! :D