Saturday, March 27, 2010

140RM! - Malaysia Day 1

Hoho,, it's 16.30 pm Malaysia time (at 15.30, Indonesia 7 Thailand time), we arrived in LCCT Airport in KL! We had our lunch in the plane, I ate chicken rice, cost Rp 27.000/ 9RM and drank Lipton 5RM, shared with Yanti. Yanti also bought an Malaysian number, 9RM.

Arrived at LCCT, I changed my $50 into RM ($1 = 31.9RM). So, I got 159.60RM & gave 32RM ($10) to Siska as money back, because I borrowed her $10 in Krabi. 3.6RM to DC, because I borrowed her money to eat on the airport on the first day, ha ha.

From LCCT to KL Sentral, we took aerobus, cost 8RM. then from KL Sentral, we took monorail to Bukit Bintang, cost 2.10RM. Hufff!!!! So crowded & full!!! I couldn't even breathe :P.

At 6 pm, we arrived at Bukit Bintang & Paradiso Hostel. The hostel is sooooooo close with the monorail station, next to Mc D. We checked in & got he room. 1 room with 3 bunk beds (total = 6 beds), for 5 of us and 1 girl from Brunei. The hostel was so cozy, nice & clean. The bathrooms are also good, with hot water :). It cost 30RM/ night/ person.

So tonight, as we've planned before, we walked along the street to reach the Twin Tower Petronas (KLCC) & ate for dinner in the mall (Surya), ate in the foodcourt. I chose BBQ Chicken Rice (5.50RM) & Three Layers Tea (4.5RM), delicious!

Next, we walked again to the front of the towe & took hundreds of photos!!! Ha ha ha...

At 10.00 pm, we walked back to the hostel (about 20 minutes by foot), stopped by in Seven-Eleven, bought a bottle of water (2.50RM) and landed in the hostel, but me and Disi continuing walking through Bukit Bintang Street, only to see the street crowd.

Now it's 11.00 pm. pretty exhausted & plan to wake up early, to go to St. John Church in Jl. Bukit nanas, for Palm/ Passion Sunday mass. God, please lead me tomorrow :).

Anyway, I haven't decided yet where to go tomorrow, either to Batu Caves ot Putrajaya with Azian (our Malaysian friends). let's see!

10RM -> Lunch at plane
8RM -> Aerobus
2.10RM -> Monorail
1.80RM -> Slurpee
10RM -> Dinner
2.50RM -> Water
30RM -> Hostel

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