Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spread The Love Through The Wall


I wasn't dating any man (since I'm single anyway :P), didn't get any flowers, or even giving chocolates.

Being single on Val's day doesn't mean you can't celebrate the Love itself! I did it! :D

I celebrated it by painting a Sahabat Anak study house in Prumpung (East Jakarta) with two of my special friends, Pieta and SimSim. :D

We painted 2 sides of the house, with 2 concepts.
The first concept was: "Cita-Citaku" (the future). What I wanna be when I am grown up? 
So we drew a police figure, doctor, artist, and football player :P.

The second concept was: smart/ diligent kids.
Doing proper things, take care the environments, be polite, and study diligently :D.

We Had such a great time, spreading love within our pictures on the wall.
I believe Pie & Sim" have so much love for the kids, therefore they were willing to spare their time beautifying the study house for the kids getting eager to study.

Yeah, that's love. Love is all around, we just need to feel and realize it :D.



Just FYI, Sahabat Anak (SA) is an Indonesian non-profit social organization, focused on street and marginal kids' development. Until Now, SA has 8 study houses located in spread places in Jakarta. Routinely it has classes for the kids to study, taught by the volunteers. I'm one of the volunteers (so do Sim" & Pieta) teaching creative class. You can also take part in SA if you've got the desire :).


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