Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Merry Merry!!! ;D

Limited Christmas postcard series.
Tittle: Nice Try

Limited Christmas postcard series.
Tittle: Cheer Up

Limited Christmas postcard series.
Tittle: Why Not

Friday, December 10, 2010

A Marriage.

Listening to the love stories from people around me, about the ups and downs of a relationship, and attending some weddings of my friends, open my point of view about a marriage.

I travelled and met lots of people from many different countries. for me it's a blessing so I can broaden my mind, we can share knowledge and experience and in the same time I could know their point of view in seeing things, emm.. such as marriage for example.

I've ever met a french girl in my trip, she became a good friend of mine, and when we talk about relationship, she said that quite most of young people in her country, don't see a marriage as an important thing. "People doesn't need to get married," she said.

It's not weird at all. I also met some other European even Asian people, who don't want to get married.
Of course, with all humility, I do appreciate them with their decision and opinion :).

But personally, I ALWAYS proud of a married couple.
For me, to reach this stage is such a great achievement.
Why do I call it "achievement"?
Because they're succeed to defeat all their doubts and fears.
They're brave enough to put aside their ego; to halve their heart and share it to one another.

Because they have a faith and hope.
Committed to always love, join hands and step forward, whatever they will face.

For me, marriage is a wonderful blessing.
I want it too one day :).

Illustrated by Vina Puspita

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Simsim Goes to India

One of my best friend, Simsim, was about to go backpacking to India, I knew it would be so exciting for her since India is her 'dream' country to visit.

A week before she went to India, she asked me whether I can draw an illustration for her or not. She had the concept already :D, the cloth (sari), the belly and the backpack. Ha ha, cool!
Of course I was interested to make it for her. So here it is :).

(And oh, the story of her trip in India was totally... incredible :). Lots of struggles that must be passed, in case of food, living, society, and belief. wooffh....
Hence there's a saying, a real traveler would've checked "India" in their list.)

Emhh... I've never been there.
But if you ask me whether I have the guts to go there or not, emhh... maybe I'd rather choose not to be a real traveler.. yet. ha ha.

Illustrated by Vina Puspita

"Wayang" - the Indonesian Puppet

This is the watercolor painting of "Wayang"-Indonesian Puppet.
Was made while I was in Ternopil, Ukraine (August-Sept 2010).
Especially made for my Ukrainian-artist-friend, Lyuda. He he.

Around the World!!!

was invited to paint at Kepompong PreSchool, in Kemang.
That day was Kepompong Art Fair, it was very nice! :D

The theme of the artwork: Around the World!!! (Oh... my dream...)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2011 Sahabat Anak Calendar

Hey! It's now available Sahabat Anak 2011 Calendar! :D
I helped designing both of desk and wall calendar :).

Below is the advertisement. Read for more information... *kiss*

DESK Calendar Rp 50,000

Presenting 12 nutrition information, combined with pictures from Sahabat Anak Jamboree 2010.

This bilingual calendar has 2 notes pack attached. It is useful for your daily activity.

WALL Calendar (bilingual) Rp 40,000

With an attractive size and eye-catching colours!

Delivering some profiles of Sahabat Anak activities and educative program. Hope it can inspires people about the Children Rights, especially the marginalized ones.

Free DELIVERY for ordering 10 pcs above, only in Jakarta area.

For Cengkareng, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi and other cities, the delivery fee will be charged to customers.

For ordering, please contact:

Tasha / Lanny

Telp (021) 391-8505 / 391-34172 (office hour)

Sekretariat Sahabat Anak

Jl. Tambak II RT 06/05 No. 23

Komp. POLRI, Pegangsaan

Jakarta Pusat 10320

BCA Kalimalang – Jakarta, a/n Yay Komunitas Sahabat Anak Jkt: 230-344-4432

All profit will be allocated for supporting Sahabat Anak early year 2011 programme: free tutorial in 7 areas, 1 informal school for drop out street teens, 1 kindergarten at West Jakarta, 1 transit house at East Jakarta, libraries, nutrition program, medical services, character building, entrepreneur/training program, and others.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanks, Doc! :)

Lucky me, have the greatest Doctor on earth.

Illustrated by Vina Puspita

Monday, September 27, 2010

HQ Hostel, The most affordable comfy Hostel in Silom

Looking for a good hostel in Silom, Bangkok?
Hopefully this review would be helpful... :)

This is a very nice, comfortable, clean and valuable hostel in Bangkok I recommend. 
Really, with nice staffs and stuffs, I can say that this is the best spot in Silom to stay in.

Started from a good interior - modern design, then the nice facilitation and wi-fi and library, really helped me to do lots of things there. It's just so cozy.

The other thing I like most about this hostel is.. the cleanliness and the super comfortable bed, really. besides, the bathroom/ toilet is also very comfortable and clean. So much different with the usual cheap hostels I used to stay.

With such quality and standard and comfort, in the price that they have, I can say it is so much worth. :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

140RM! - Malaysia Day 2

First of all, today is Sunday and it's Passion Sunday (Palm) in Christian. So, for me it's a special day anyway. So, my first goal to reach while I'm in KL on Sunday, is to find a Catholic church and join de Palm Sunday mass. It's uncommon thing for me.

I set the alarm in my handphone at 05.30 am and I woke up right at that time, took a bath, then at 06.00 am walked to the monorail. Yanti helped me to find information about church in KL by asking her KL friends, it's so kind of her, though she's a moslem, she tried best to find me any church information :). Appreciate it so much :).

Finally, I got one name of the nearest church, it's St. John's Cathedral, located in Bukit Nanas, only 2 stations from Bukit Bintang. So, I postponed my breakfast, hope that I didn't miss the mass (because I didn't get any information about the mass schedule) & I presumed that the schedule is not so different with the mass schedule in Jakarta (5.30, 7.00 & 9.00 in the morning), so I planned to be there before 7.

I bought the monorail ticket to Bukit Nanas station, coat 1.30RM & came up the stairs to wait the monorail. Then you know what??! I saw a clock & it showed 07.10 am and of course I was pretty shock! Oh my Lord! I forgot!!! I forgot that Malaysia is 1 hour faster than Jakarta!! Hufff... I said to myself, “Oke then, just go! No problem if the mass is already half way held.” So I continued my mission within prayers, hope to be able to find the church easily :).

At 07.20 I arrived in Bukit nanas. I'm not familiar with the place and have no idea where the St. John's Cathedral was. And FYI, the street was so still, there's no life at all, he he, maybe because it's Sunday, and it's morning. perfect.

I took a wrong way until I met a man who pointed me the right way. But he said it's sooo far, about 25 minutes walking. Humm... okay, I'm ready. So I walked, walked, walked unpredictably, seeing not event any single cross sign, he he. I prayed in my heart, I said, “God, would you please lead me Your way, bring me to Your church to attend Your mass. Amen.”

I kept walking with eyes searching the church. I found nothing (and no one) along the street. After about 30 minutes walking, I found a man and asked hin the Saint John's location. And yeah!!! he knew the place!!! Just right near the place where I asked him, he showed me a small street, he told me to walked inside & went up the stairs & there's the location of the church. I followed his guide and tarraaaa!!!! I got there!!! And the miracle was... the mass were about to begin in the next 5 minutes, exactly at 8 o'clock. Oh, dear Lord, You're amazing.

I followed the mass within deep gratefulness. I was so happy to attend the Passion Sunday in a church in KL, in St. John's Cathedral. They used English.

About 10.00 am, the mass was finished. the next thing came up in my mind. Wow, should I go back that far to the monorail station like the way I came here before??? Ha ha... but honestly, as human, sometimes we worry too much about those small stuffs which actually not necessary, because God helps us in every single things, even in every single details. God taught me about His love, care and companion through day after day, time after time, as He just did to me this morning.

After the church, I searched for the way back to the hostel & I found that I could take Rapid KL in Masjid Jamek, and changed to monorail in Hang Tuah. But befote I took the Rapid KL, I visited Masjid India first.

At 11.00 am I arrived safely in the hostel, Bukit Bintang (thanks dear Lord! :D), and Azian, our Malaysian friend would soon pick us up at the hostel and took us for lunch at her house and also visit Putrajaya. Ah ya, anyway, I decided to join Azian, and not to Batu Caves, because I thought that meeting friends is more important than visiting a touristic place. I could visit Batu Caves any other time :).

Then Azian and her husband took us. So happy to meet them! :D
We stopped by in Pasar Seni/ Central Market for shopping souvenirs, then went to their house in Syah Alam, Selangor. It took about 35 minutes. We arrived at their beautiful house and had lunch together, heemmm...... delicious food that she made and her sister, Azura, as well. They are so talented in cooking! Teach me please!!! Ha ha ha. We had lunch with Azian's family, and our friend, Lany.

At 02.00 pm, Azian drove us to Blue Mosque/ Masjid Biru, the second largest mosque in the world. Yeah! Beautiful mousque!!! :D

Then, She took 5 of us to Putrajaya, about 20 minutes from Syah Alam. Putrajaya is the government area, the buildings are so modern! A different part of Malaysia, I could say.

We enjoy the sunset, then at 05.30 pm Azian drove us to the LCCT Airport. That's a great experience, yet unforgetable!!! So happy to meet friends in Malaysia. Another precious traveling story, right? :)

At The end, BIG THANKS to my Dear God, for all the blessing and the happiness, the joy that You brought in, the satisfaction and guidance :D.

1.30RM -> Monorail
3 RM -> Palm
1.30RM -> Rapid KL
1.30RM -> Monorail
16RM -> Souvenirs at Central Market (key chain 8RM x 2)
23.80RM -> Chocolate
20RM -> Shoes
7.30RM -> Marry Brown Burger

Saturday, March 27, 2010

140RM! - Malaysia Day 1

Hoho,, it's 16.30 pm Malaysia time (at 15.30, Indonesia 7 Thailand time), we arrived in LCCT Airport in KL! We had our lunch in the plane, I ate chicken rice, cost Rp 27.000/ 9RM and drank Lipton 5RM, shared with Yanti. Yanti also bought an Malaysian number, 9RM.

Arrived at LCCT, I changed my $50 into RM ($1 = 31.9RM). So, I got 159.60RM & gave 32RM ($10) to Siska as money back, because I borrowed her $10 in Krabi. 3.6RM to DC, because I borrowed her money to eat on the airport on the first day, ha ha.

From LCCT to KL Sentral, we took aerobus, cost 8RM. then from KL Sentral, we took monorail to Bukit Bintang, cost 2.10RM. Hufff!!!! So crowded & full!!! I couldn't even breathe :P.

At 6 pm, we arrived at Bukit Bintang & Paradiso Hostel. The hostel is sooooooo close with the monorail station, next to Mc D. We checked in & got he room. 1 room with 3 bunk beds (total = 6 beds), for 5 of us and 1 girl from Brunei. The hostel was so cozy, nice & clean. The bathrooms are also good, with hot water :). It cost 30RM/ night/ person.

So tonight, as we've planned before, we walked along the street to reach the Twin Tower Petronas (KLCC) & ate for dinner in the mall (Surya), ate in the foodcourt. I chose BBQ Chicken Rice (5.50RM) & Three Layers Tea (4.5RM), delicious!

Next, we walked again to the front of the towe & took hundreds of photos!!! Ha ha ha...

At 10.00 pm, we walked back to the hostel (about 20 minutes by foot), stopped by in Seven-Eleven, bought a bottle of water (2.50RM) and landed in the hostel, but me and Disi continuing walking through Bukit Bintang Street, only to see the street crowd.

Now it's 11.00 pm. pretty exhausted & plan to wake up early, to go to St. John Church in Jl. Bukit nanas, for Palm/ Passion Sunday mass. God, please lead me tomorrow :).

Anyway, I haven't decided yet where to go tomorrow, either to Batu Caves ot Putrajaya with Azian (our Malaysian friends). let's see!

10RM -> Lunch at plane
8RM -> Aerobus
2.10RM -> Monorail
1.80RM -> Slurpee
10RM -> Dinner
2.50RM -> Water
30RM -> Hostel

3300BATH! - Krabi Day 4

So, today is the last day in Krabi... have to say goodbye to this beautiful beach :P. I've done my packing last night, so this morning I could be pretty relax, woke up 'lil bi late & bought some souvenirs. I still owned 121THB, then I bought 3 coin leather bacgs, 100THB & a box of chocolate 25THB.

At 10.00 am, the taxi from Ao nang Orchid Resort picked us up at the front of our hostel, then he drove us to the Krabi International Airport. It took about 30 minutes. Now we're in the airport already, now it's 12.10 am & we're waiting soon to depart :).

125 THB -> Souvenirs & chocolate
125 THB

Friday, March 26, 2010

3300BATH! - Krabi Day 3

Today is our last night in Krabi, a leisure day as well :D!
So, this morning I woke up at 8, then took a bath, Eating pop mie & drank hot tea. At 9 am, I went to the beach and painted a picture at the beach with watercolor & the sea as the view. It was going pretty well, I got the mood. Siska & Disi came joining me, Siska was just laying on the beach while DC was swimming.

Funny thing, when I was painting, there's a local man asking for my drawing, he thought that I'm a local too so he spoke Thai which I didn't understand, then he realized that I'm a tourist, he he. He bargained my painting but unfortunately we didn't meet in suitable price, otherwise I wanted to collect it as well :).

About at 12 am (after 2 hours painting), I went back to the hostel, but first I bought steamed rice in a waroong for my lunch, it cost 15THB. Since I'm a budget traveler, I like to maintain a thick-face, not to be shy anyway, ha ha.

In the afternoon, we all went out to money changer. I changed $10, and got 320THB. Then 3 of us (Yanti, Mei & Siska) decided togo to Krabi Town to shop more souvenirs, but me & Disi chose to stay in Ao Nang, we don't like shopping :). We walked along the Ao nang Beach and reached Nopharra Tarra Beach. It's also a famous beach. hemm... quite far by walking, about 45 minutes (5KM) by foot.

Arrived ath the beach, we lay down discussed about certain things and that's good :). Oh ya, about the beach, I didn't feel that amazed, because it's not so clean, but yeah, it's more quiet and calm. I saw more local people than tourists.

At 06.30 pm we walked back to our hostel, but woww!!! It's so windy & was about to be raining! And yeah, it's raining afterwards. Me and Disi looked a place to shelter and there's a seafood restaurant, ten we went in eating there.

After we're full and the rain had stopped, we continued walking. When we're already arrived in Ao Nang street, there's a funny story, yet emotional. So I stopped by a shopping counter selling necklace and bracelet. With no serious purpose to buy, I asked the man (the seller), “ how much is it?”. He gave a price, then I said, “Okay, thanks”. Then I was about to leave, but you know what, he grabbed his calculator and asked me in his limited english language, “How much you can?”
Then I answered, “Later I come back, thanks”. He said back insistly, “No, you buy now! How much you can?!”
“What?!!! No, I said I'll come back later!” Huff, sorry, I was getting anger with that man. Then I left him behind.
At the end, he said some words in Thai, and I replied back in Indonesian, ha ha ha, fair enough, okay??!

At 08.00 pm we arrived at the hostel, then Yanti, Siska & Mei came after us arrived. At 09.00 pm, we walked again to the beach & shopped. But some restaurants, I didn't know why, was closed tonight, ad tonight was not as crowd as yesterday though this is Friday.

Owkay, enjoy the last night! See you Tomorrow :D!

15 THB -> Rice
16 THB -> Drink
90 THB -> Eat seafood
120 THB -> Taxi
241 THB

Thursday, March 25, 2010

3300BATH! - Krabi Day 2

Yiay! Today is our island tour with JC Tour!

So, for breakfast, I ate popmie and grank hot chocolate, pretty full enough to start the day.

At 08.30 am, the JC Tour (driver named: Yi) picked us up at the hostel with the opened-blue car and drove us to the beach as the stating point. I just then understood thet we traveled to those islands together with many people from another island tour as well, so it's not just only JC.

We were in the speed boat no. 5 Ao Nang rchid Bungalow, with Daon as our guide. She's a very nice, talkactive & friendly woman, though she's so masculin as well, he he, but she's got a big concern with the passangers, which is good!

Started from Ao Nang Beach, first our destination is Maya Island, but we passed through some other islands on the way. We passed Phi-Phi Ley. It's an island, which has a cave filled with tons of bird nest that's worth expensively (Daon said, it's sold about 10.000 BATH/ kg). The cave is named Viking Cave, but it's forbidden to be entered. Not far from the bird nest, still in Phi Phi Ley area, there's a lagoon area, surrounded by islands, called Pileh Bay. Very beautiful... really. But we just stayed in the speed boat because we're about to go behind those islands to snorkel. In another side of those islands, in Lohsamah Bay, we snorkeled! We were borrowed the snorkels by Daon. Nice! Lots of small fishes and we fed them our rice from yesterday, then te fishes came closer to us! Hohooo.

After 45 minutes snorkeling, we're brought to Maya Island / Maya bay. So, I just knew the fact that “The Beach” film shooting was not in Phi Phi Don or Ley, but here, in Maya Bay. It increases my curiousity to watch thet film, he he. Oh ya, also the fact that in Maya Island, there's no waterfall or even shark as appeared in “The Beach” film. That's just fake, ha ha.

Next, before we had lunch at 12.00 am, they took us to Monkey Island, but unfortunately there's no monkey seen on the beach, they're just hiding. So we continued leaving the Monkey Island and went toward Phi Phi Don (Island) to have a buffet lunch. Hmm... pretty good and clean for sure, but it's very hot, indeed!

Phi Phi Don is a big island, and there're also many resorts to stay. Anyway, we ate a lot since we're absolutely hungry, and we're totally full, then ready for the next destination. Disi said, “Oh ho... This is our best eating proram afterall!!” ha ha ha. I couldn't more than agree.

We were now in Hin Klarng, an open sea & we're allowed to snorkel for the second time! :D. This time, the coral was more beautiful than in Lohsamah Bay & the fishes are more variable.

Last place, we visited Bamboo Island. There were lots of bamboo before, but during the time, the fisherman came and cut it for fishing etc, so now there's no more bamboo, but pine trees, he he.

We also could snorkel, but I'd rather just lay down on the beach :P.

Finally, we were brought to the last place to be transferred back to our hostel. Woohoooo! What a great day :D!

Tonight, I walked with Yanti along the road, she wanted to make a call, calling her daughter & her mom, so she went to “overseas call service” (cost: 14THB. minute, to handphone in JKT), and I, I stopped by at a mini market buying postcard (cost: 5THB/ piece; stamp: 1THB) & I asked the madam how to send it to my country, Indonesia, and she kindly showed me the way, just drop it in any post boxes placed along the street. Yap, that's my habbit when I traveled abroad. I love to send postcards, especially to my family at home. Even the postcards arrived later than me, ha ha, it just feels funny when I look at it and read it again when I am home already, then collect it.

Me & Yanti continued walking along the street. We tried Thailand pancake with banana, wuiiihhhhh..... lekker! Erg! :D. It's only 20THB. Oh ya, when Yanti made verseas call, we asked about the Phi Phi tour price. So, the fact is... it's cheaper buying the tour when you're in Krabi than buy it online. Example, the Phi Phi price she offered: 1800THB for normal price, but now there's 50% discount, so it'll be just 900THB. Me, I bought the tour via online, cost 1700THB. But That's okay, now we know, right?

About the dinner, once again we kept tight on budget. I bought steamed rice in a restaurant, 30THB/ pax. Ate it in the hostel with some additional food.

Now I'm pretty tired, so happy as well :D. I'm going off to bed, tot later! :)



21 THB -> Post Card & stamp

10 THB -> Pancake sharing with Yanti

30 THB -> Rice


61 THB

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3300BATH! - Krabi Day 1

Huaaa,, this is the first day of our backpacking adventure in Krabi!! I'm so glad that after such a rush deadline, finally I ended up here in Aonang, with Disi, Siska, Mei-Mei and Mbak Yanti! :D

So this is how we started...

At 5.10 am in the morning, we arrived at CGK, and the procedures began...
1. in Gate D2, did the first Screening
2. Check in at counter 31, put some luggage, got the boarding pass and immigration form
3. Proceeded our free fiscal by bringing & showing our NPWP
4. Went into immigration area, passport's checked, fiscal's checked, immigration form's checked
5. (Time's keeping tight, we're in a rush)
Ran through the corridor to find gate F6, once again, passed the second screening. This time, the screening was tighter than the first one. No liquid more the limit, no dangerous stuff, etc
6. and finally we went inside the plane, sit and put on our seatbelt relievedly (that we're in the plane already)

About 6.30 am, the plane departed. It took about 1, hours to get Malaysia, and the time in Malaysia in one o'clock faster than Jakarta Time. So, we arrived in Kuala Lumpur LCCT Airport at 9.15 am, time in Malaysia/ 8.15 am Indonesia time, then we should wait in LCCT until our departure to Krabi at 13.30. Because LCCT is not a huge airport, we couldn't go that far, so, mostly we spent the midday sitting in "Taste of Asia" Resto, went to the bookstore & walked around.

Two funny things happened in LCCT:
1. When arrived in KL, we were hungry & decided to eat. But since we're budget traveler, yeah, backpacker, we made a trick to spend as few money as possible :P. Disi brought a tup of tempe orek, so in the restaurant, me, Disi & Siska just bought 3 steamed rice and 2 bottle of mineral water. You know what, the cashier was 'lil bit confuse with our order and just gave a meaningful smile, which we didn't care, haha. We just concerned that our trick was successful! I just had to pay 3.6 RM for my own to make my stomach full. ha ha.

2. The second funny thing, I met a man in a bookstore. He greeted me when I looked at book, and he recommended that book to me. After such a while talking and talking, we introduced ourself to each other, and we just knew that we're came from the same country anyway. He's Indonesian as well, ahahahahaaa... His name is Budi, studying for his master in KL. Yeah, a new friend on the way traveling :).

At 13.30, we flew from KL to Krabi-Thailand. Thailand has the same time with Indonesia. It took about 1 hour to get there (from KL), so we arrived at 13.35 (Krabi time). Yiaayyyyyy!!!! So glad to be here!!!

I've never been to Krabi & always excited to visit this place! But the other thing made me happier was, JC tour team picked us up at the airport. We found a man with "Vina Puspita" name on the board. Ho ho... He drove us to the hostel. His name is Baow. Pretty kind person, he told us much about Krabi :).

About 45 minutes from the airport, finally we arrived in our hostel, Anang Grand Inn Hostel. We checked in & paid the room, so did we with JC Tour. We paid the Phi-Phi tour for 1700THB/person & tomorrrow the driver will pick us up from the hostel and take us to some islands.

Oke, about the hostel. We had... emm... not a 'problem', but a 'bargain'. The background is: 3 of our friends who already booked the hostel room together with us, unfortunately had to cancel their trip to Krabi. So the thing is, we had too much room space for only five of us! And the room fee was charged higher for each of us. Bravely, we asked the hostel owner for a bargain, if we could use one room only and reduced our room fee. After such a negotiation, the owner decided to give us reduction fee, so at the end we paid as much as we should paid before (1070 THB/ person - 3 nights - type: triple room). But, for me personally, I'm satisfied with the room. It's pretty large, with toilet inside, AC, refrigerator, hot water & clean as well. Frankly to say, It's indeed more than I expected :).

Next, we walked to the beach, about 1 km from our hostel. Along the street, there're lots of cafes & restaurants, shops & pretty crowd (but not as crowd as Phuket). Arrived at the beach, me Disi & Siska walked along the beach. Yes, many foreigners were sunbathing & we kept walking reached the end of the coast, there's like hills. Oh my, near the hills, there're many cute monkeys playing! So cute!

Next, we stayed watching the sunset and then walking back to the first place I separated from Yanti & Mei Mei.
After I met Yanti & Mei, we continued walking at the pavement, through the street & still lots of restaurants and shops.

Finally we decided to eat in Aining Restaurant, a modern Thai Restaurant. We ordered pizza shared together, quite big and delicious, I can say! The pizza cost 180THB, each person paid 36THB only. Then we took steamed rice away @24THB and as before, ate at our hostel, poured with the tempe orek from Disi added with potato chips from Siska. Huummm.... lekker hoor!!

And now, I'm getting tired and sleepy. Today is a good day to start, new experience & new exploration of my life, enjoy it so much! Tons of joyfulness!

Thanks Lord for Your guidance & kindness, Your care & protection.
You're the best!

1.700 THB -> JC Tour
1.070 THB -> Aonang Grand Inn Hostel
36 THB -> Pizza
24 THB -> Rice
25 THB -> Pulpy Orange
5 THB -> Mineral Water
15 THB -> Bread
2.875 THB + 3.6 RM (rice at LCCT Airport)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sebesi Island Adventure

Mnurut gue, ini adalah cara paling asik untuk kabur alias gateaway pada hari" weekend, ke tempat yang gak biasa dengan budget yang luar biasa.

Sebenernya bisa nyampe sini, itu karna ikutan IndoBackPacker Gathering :D
Jadi beginilah cerita saya:

dari jkt - merak, naek bis damri : 25.000
dari Pelabuhan merak - Pel. Bakauheni, Lampung : 10.000
dari Bakauheni - Dermaga Canti, charter angkot aja : 15.000
dari dermaga Canti - Pulau Sebesi naik kapal : 15.000
Nah, dari P. Sebesi, mau mampir ke Pulau Umang-Umang, naek perahu aja, 10-25.000 per orang.

Begitu pula sebaliknya.

Itung punya itung, in the end, I just spent 380.000 rupiahs, so worthed for such an experience! :D


If there's word "Chemistry" in this world of love, then I just understand it by now. :)
Thank you.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Sahabat Anak Grogol Painting Day!

The next painting day! :D
This time in Sahabat Anak Grogol. I've copied & pasted the text which was written by Sri Sadono, PIC of house of SA Grogol :). Enjoy reading! 


Jumat, 26 Februari 2010. Terima kepada Rotary Club untuk pendanaan atas Program Rumah Karya Sahabat Anak Grogol. Setelah hampir dua tahun mimpi untuk bisa memberikan pendidikan usia dini secara rutin kepada adik-adik jalanan di Grogol tertahan, Sahabat Anak Grogol akhirnya menemukan satu rumah di Jl. Hemat, Jelambar untuk Rumah Karya. Rumah ini dikontrak dari keluarga Pak Jono selama dua tahun sebesar 30 juta rupiah. Pembayaran dilakukan satu tahun dulu, untuk tahun keduanya dilakukan paling lambat akhir Juni 2010. 

Untuk menciptakan suasana belajar mengajar yang lebih baik dan nyaman. Persiapan pertama yang dilakukan adalah dengan melakukan pengecatan. Rencananya, semua dinding kelas digambar dengan konsep taman supaya adik-adik merasa bahwa ini adalah tempat yang memang diperuntukkn buat mereka. 

Kerangka gambar dibuat oleh Kak Vina, salah satu relawan Sahabat Anak. Setelah itu, pengecatan dilakukan bersama-sama, termasuk adik-adik remaja Sahabat Anak Grogol. Dengan semangat kebersamaan, pegecatan ruang kelas dapat diselesaikan dalam satu hari saja. Dengan demikian, mulai minggu depan, peralatan mengajar yang dibutuhkan mulai bisa dimasukkan.

Terima kasih untuk semua kakak dan adik yang meluangkan waktu liburnya untuk ikut persiapan ini. Minggu depan tolong dibantu lagi untuk masukin meja sama lemari ya. Caiyo .......

PIC Rumah Karya SA Grogol

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spread The Love Through The Wall


I wasn't dating any man (since I'm single anyway :P), didn't get any flowers, or even giving chocolates.

Being single on Val's day doesn't mean you can't celebrate the Love itself! I did it! :D

I celebrated it by painting a Sahabat Anak study house in Prumpung (East Jakarta) with two of my special friends, Pieta and SimSim. :D

We painted 2 sides of the house, with 2 concepts.
The first concept was: "Cita-Citaku" (the future). What I wanna be when I am grown up? 
So we drew a police figure, doctor, artist, and football player :P.

The second concept was: smart/ diligent kids.
Doing proper things, take care the environments, be polite, and study diligently :D.

We Had such a great time, spreading love within our pictures on the wall.
I believe Pie & Sim" have so much love for the kids, therefore they were willing to spare their time beautifying the study house for the kids getting eager to study.

Yeah, that's love. Love is all around, we just need to feel and realize it :D.



Just FYI, Sahabat Anak (SA) is an Indonesian non-profit social organization, focused on street and marginal kids' development. Until Now, SA has 8 study houses located in spread places in Jakarta. Routinely it has classes for the kids to study, taught by the volunteers. I'm one of the volunteers (so do Sim" & Pieta) teaching creative class. You can also take part in SA if you've got the desire :).


Sunday, February 14, 2010