Sunday, November 29, 2009

'Damen' and 'Heren' Story

This is a silly story, indeed funny.

May 2010, I visited a cafe in Bremen, Germany, with some friends: Adrian, Wandy & Rozi. We had such a good time, drank and chatted. Then I needed to take a pee, sure I went to the toilet.

Oke. Arrived at the toilet area.

There're two doors. One's named Damen, and the other's named Heren.

CONFIDENTLY, I speculated that 'Damen' is come from words 'Men', 

so it's indeed the toilet for men. 

Otherwise, 'Heren' is come from words 'Her', for women. 

Then I opened the 'Heren' door, took a bunch of tissues, and turn left, and O.oo....

I saw a man's potty, and suddenly I realized that I was utterly in a wrong toilet. Perfect :s

Spontaneously I ran throughout the door.

Thank God there's no body in that area at that time. At least no one saw that silliness. 


Proudly presents ... my smart ass. Ha ha.

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  1. Halo ka Vina..
    Ni Jessie, ade kls dr SMAK 7 (2 thn di bwh kakak)
    Lagi browsing blog2..
    Eh nemu blog anak2 SMAK 7.. (such a small virtual world :))
    Aku yg rumahnya dkt rmh kakak di jalan Walet, Cipin 2...
    Masi dsitu ga rmhnya??
    Ga inget ya.. hehe..
    Btw,, follow me back ya kak.. :)