Sunday, November 29, 2009

'Damen' and 'Heren' Story

This is a silly story, indeed funny.

May 2010, I visited a cafe in Bremen, Germany, with some friends: Adrian, Wandy & Rozi. We had such a good time, drank and chatted. Then I needed to take a pee, sure I went to the toilet.

Oke. Arrived at the toilet area.

There're two doors. One's named Damen, and the other's named Heren.

CONFIDENTLY, I speculated that 'Damen' is come from words 'Men', 

so it's indeed the toilet for men. 

Otherwise, 'Heren' is come from words 'Her', for women. 

Then I opened the 'Heren' door, took a bunch of tissues, and turn left, and O.oo....

I saw a man's potty, and suddenly I realized that I was utterly in a wrong toilet. Perfect :s

Spontaneously I ran throughout the door.

Thank God there's no body in that area at that time. At least no one saw that silliness. 


Proudly presents ... my smart ass. Ha ha.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Methode

I find a new methode: