Sunday, August 9, 2009

Everything's changing

Nothing is everlasting in this life.

I had a lot of friends in my neighborhood when I was kid and used to play anything with them everyday.

Now I don't know where they are. Maybe busy with their study or their work, or even they live no longer here.

I used to keep fighting with my big brother.

Now we've grown up and discuss only the principal things.

When I sat in school, I painted at least once a week.

The pattern has changed when I sat in the college. No time. Then I'm prefer doing it digitally.

I was a shy and defeatist girl.

But experiences taught me to be a tough and optimistic one.

Last year I worked together in the same company & departement with one of my bestfriends from the college. It was a great time.

Now, it's still a great time, only with the different partners.

Everything is going on, everything is changing.

We live our life today with no idea what will change tomorrow.

The best way to pass it through is by cherishing the every single moments.

Because you'll miss it sooner or later. 

So, celebrate it!

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