Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Basic Principle of Walking

This is the principle that I generated when I was walking along te street a couple days ago.

So, basically when we walk from a place to another place, we should:

1. Decide the destination and the 'future spot'
2. Thinking & figuring the best path/ route to reach that spot
3. Start walking
4. When we're walking, let our eyes well-focused on the street, so we won't slip or misstep
5. But don't forget to look up and see our position sometimes, so we won't miss the path
6. Keep walking, walking, and aware
7. And tarraaa!!! Unconsciously, we get there!

Sometimes it looks far and exhausting. But when you start walking and keep walking, it's not that far as you thought before.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

So does in life.

When we want ourself to move, we wo that basic principle:

1. Decides the goal we want to achieve
2. Learn the route to arrive at that goal
3. The hardest part, start taking action
If we have goal but too lazy to move our feet, then the goal would be even lazier to come to us.
4. When we are already in, focus on what we are doing.
So we put the best effort in every single things we do
5. But don't forget to look up sometimes, and refresh the goal that we want to achieve.
So, we don't just do a routine or even forget where we should arrive.
6. Keep doing with awareness
7. And tarraaa!!! Unconsciously, we reach our goal!!!

Sometimes it looks hard and impossible.
But when you start walking and keep doing, it's not that hard as you thought before.

Illustrated by Vina Puspita

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I was just dreaming, but I wasn't sleeping :D

Oh dear,
sorry that I haven't posted anything yet for quite long time.
I was just back from my trip to Europe for a month... and it was the BEST MONTH ever!!!!! :D

I always love Europe, esp. Netherland, and it was my dream travel destination! 
And I never imagine that I've been there last month :D

Basically, I have family in Netherland (my uncle & aunty), and they visited Indonesia every year. Everytime I met them, I always be eager to listen their story about their country. Since then, my dream to visit Netherland was getting bigger and bigger.
So, I've prepared everything to able flying to Netherland since last year. I saved money, I browsed airfares, kept praying, learned dutch language (and I love it ;p), and found the perfect timing was the hardest part...

But, thanks God, everything was going very well, though I felt nervous and 'lil panic because I traveled alone, but overall was great! Unbelievable.. he he

So, I fly in 1st May 09, and back in 26th May 09.
I went to Spain for 10 days ~ Costa Brava, Barcelona, Rupit, El Far, Besalu, and Montserrat
Stayed in Netherland for 10 days ~ Amsterdam, Arnhem, Heerlen, Haarlem, Utrecht, Maastricht, Nijmegen, Lisse, and Efteling
Visited Paris for 1 day
And finally spent 3 days in Germany ~ Bremen and Hamburg

Visiting Netherland was a WONDER for me. Three additional countries? were BIG BONUS for me! ;)
I couldn't thank more...

I know I haven't visited all places (in Holland) yet. But I had no regret at all. I'll save them for my next episode in Netherland. Ha ha ha ;)

Oh dear folks,
what could I say??
'till now, I still felt like I was dreaming, but wasn't sleeping ;).
That was an unforgetable experience with uncountable miracles!