Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Last year keepsake

A pair of shoes given from my cousin from Netherlands. He lives there and last year he visited Indonesia for a family gathering.
He gave me that souvenir... ha ha
Then I put it on my desk in my office.

This noon, I've just look it back, and realize that it's been a year. ha ha.
Time goes by so fast, dear...

illustrated by Vina Puspita


  1. this is so beautiful! How on earth do you make these drawings of yours? They're so original! I love this one :)

  2. Lovley drawing. Time does have a way of flying by

  3. This is a great drawing. It is so simple and organic. I love the colors!

    Thanks for your visit!



  4. Yup, kind a right Mo...hehehe

    Thanks Edrian! It's nice to know you :)

  5. Why do you not paint anymore? I cannot imagine having that ability and not doing it?

    I love the shoes..so, I don't know how to describe it, they're just sweet!

    Time does go fast so if you want to paint again, time to start!!!


  6. Breeze, you are so nice! That's so encourage me... : )

    Basically it's a matter of time. But, I think you are totally right... :)
    Nica to have a bloogie friend like you, Breeze!