Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Music Boost

Tonight is special.
Because it's Wednesday.
That's it?
No, no, wait.. I have a reason why Wednesday is a special day.

This noon  at the office, my friend, Pieta, asked me and Yuniar to join her to Loca Coffe Club, Kemang (Jakarta).
I said, " Ok, I've no plan yet either!"
So, me, Pieta and Yuniar went to Loca & met Ferry (Pieta's boyfriend) and some friends, Endah & Rhesa.
Pieta ever told me about Endah & Rhesa, that they are great musicians. Endah is vocalist & playing guitar, and Rhesa on bass.

It's about 9 pm & they prepared to play... I'm curious ;)
They sat on the stage & started to perform.
And you know what...
I was 'hypnotized'!

Oh my God! I saw a perfect live acoustic music! With good sound & great atmosphere. People started coming to watch them. They both were great!

After an hour performing, they had break time & another acoustic band filled in. They were great too. We enjoyed the music so much!

Then Pieta said, "Every Wednesday night, there are live acoustic performances here, at Loca. It would become so crowded, because it's a special day."

" Woow...yeah, it's special. Thanks for inviting me, Pie :)"

Two thumbs up for Endah & Rhesa (
Big salute to you two!

illustrated by Vina Puspita


  1. sounds like you all had a wonderful time!


  3. wowww!! itu gambarnya lucu sekali! i love it!

  4. Wahahaha,, si Endah benerannya komenn!!
    aakakaka,, jadi malu saiaa,,,hihii

  5. suka banget sama design lo yang ini!! Argh, keren lho! haha

  6. Ahh,, Dandyy...kau bisaaa ajaaa,,haha,,
    makasih, kawan.. ;D