Sunday, February 22, 2009

I just wanna thank

I was just thinking for awhile and remembered when I was in elementary school, I have a teacher who always punished me when I didn't obey the rules.
And could you guess what punishment she gave to me?
Writing on papers.
A sentence that rewrited for about 100 times!
Example, when I didn't do my homework. She punished me to write this sentences: " I promise to do all my homework at home." And I had to write that 100times.

Since that, everytime I had homework, I always remembered my writing (which was my punishment), then I finished my homework...haha
What a simple thing!

Now in my real life, I want to adapt that "life lesson" I've got.
That's why I want to try my teacher's way.
I writed " Thank You Lord" for many times. full-hearted.
So, whenever I feel sad and upset; disappointed and dissatisfied; poor and weak, I will always remember to thank to Lord, and be grateful.
Because everything is happened for a reason and I believe it's the best way to grow me up to the fullest.

I just wanna thank to Lord for everything I've got and everything that happened in my life. Everything.

illustrated by Vina Puspita


  1. Hi, Vina! What a great post! Thanks for checking out my blog, yours is quite lovely too!

  2. That's an amazing way to get yourself together. I do the same sort of thing, except I just say it out loud.

    great blog!