Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a cup of inspiration

I've posted this picture as my header image, but I wanna share it again... 

Basically I'm a coffee lover, especially cappuccino. While thinking & finding concept for my design project, i'd like to be accompanied with a cup of coffee, it is my 'friend'.
Though one of my friend said that drinking too much coffee isn't good, I still love it. haha. But I listen to him, so I minimize my coffee drinking quantity,,,

If a cup of coffee make me happy,
then a cup of inspiration wouldn't be enough.

illustrated by Vina Puspita


  1. i LOVE coffee - consider it one of the four main food groups! i could live on the stuff.. well, that and yogurt! so nice of you to stop over and say hi! pleasedtameetcha as they say where i come from! your blog is interesting... and i will be back :).

  2. I love the smell of coffee...but i'm a tea drinker!

  3. I have given up all my other habits except coffee...and I will always love a good cuppa!